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George W. Bush On The Issues 2000

George W. Bush 2000 On The Issues

Drug Policy

Governor Bush believes we have a responsibility to confront the problem of illegal drug abuse because drugs are destroying our neighborhoods and ruining lives.  We should confront this scourge with a balanced policy of education, treatment, and law enforcement.

Governor Bush's Approach

  • Governor Bush will support character education in our schools, effective drug prevention programs in our communities, and faith-based drug treatment programs that transform lives.

  • In Texas, he launched the Texas Right Choices campaign to teach our children the importance of making right choices in life.  That includes saying no to drugs and alcohol, which can destroy their lives.

  • On the supply side, Governor Bush will improve interdiction and stop drugs before they reach our children.

  • He will help countries like Bolivia and Peru in promoting crop substitutes.  

  • He will work with banks to prevent money laundering.  

  • He will use better intelligence and surveillance to track and catch drug smugglers before they reach our borders.  

  • He will continue to work with Mexico to cooperate more closely on interdiction.  

  • He will ensure that the INS hires the full allotment of Border Patrol agents required under law.  Right now, the GAO reports that the INS had "a net shortfall of 594 agents for the 3-year period ending September 30, 1999."  Governor Bush will hire more agents, and will reform the INS to better focus on its job of defending our border.  

  • He supports the $1.3 billion in aid to Colombia that Congress has passed and the President has signed.  He believes this money should be used to help the Colombian government protect its people, fight the drug trade, halt the momentum of the guerillas, and bring about a sensible and peaceful resolution to the conflict ravaging that country.

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Source: George W. Bush for President 2000 Web Site


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