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George W. Bush On The Issues 2000

George W. Bush 2000 On The Issues

Government Reform

Governor Bush believes a strong leader focuses on solving problems, not settling scores.  As President, he will restore honor and dignity to the White House, and set a new tone of respect and bipartisanship in Washington. To restore confidence in government, he will: reform the budget process to encourage cooperation and prevent government shutdowns, attack pork-barrel spending, and return civility to the nomination process.

Principles of Reform

Restore Bipartisan Cooperation: The budget process is a perennial flash point for partisan battles. Governor Bush will reform the budget process so that lawmakers cooperate earlier in the process.

Restore Trust: A frequent criticism of the federal government is that the annual budget contains too much "pork-barrel spending."  The persistence of pork erodes citizen confidence in government, and skirmishes over pork contribute to personal and partisan divisions.  Governor Bush will root out pork-barrel spending in order to restore confidence in government.

Restore Civility/Attract Good People to Government: The presidential nomination and confirmation process is often used as a political weapon to gain leverage in negotiations over other matters. As a result, the process has been described by one nominee as "nasty and brutish without being short," thus discouraging good people from entering public service. Governor Bush will work with the Congress to restore civility to the nomination process.

Governor Bush's Reform Proposal

To promote bipartisan cooperation in the budget process, Governor Bush will:

  • Adopt biennial budgeting, as Texas and 20 other states have to promote long-range planning and to allow budget decisions to be made in non-election years; alternating years would be used for oversight and strategic planning.  

  • Require a Joint Budget Resolution, signed by the President, to promote early agreement on an overall budget framework.  There is little current incentive for the President and the Congress to reach early agreement on the broad outlines of a budget package, thus increasing the chance of a "train wreck" at the end of the process.  However, a Joint Budget Resolution, which would have the force of law, would compel early agreement on the overall level of appropriations, mandatory spending, taxes, and debt reduction in a simple document.

  • Prevent government shutdowns by enacting legislation allowing the government to stay open even if an appropriations bill is not signed by October 1st of the new fiscal year.  Affected programs would continue to be funded at the level of the President's budget, or the previous year's level as approved by Congress - whichever is lower.

    To restore trust in government and eliminate pork-barrel spending, Governor Bush will:

  • Support a Bipartisan Commission to Eliminate Pork-Barrel Spending, whose recommendations will be presented to the Congress for a straight "up or down" vote on the entire package.  A bipartisan commission would root out egregious examples of government waste.

  • Seek constitutional, line item veto legislation linked to debt reduction, allowing the President to defer indefinitely unnecessary spending and use the savings to pay down the national debt.  

    To minimize delay and division over presidential appointments, and attract good people to public service, Governor Bush will:

  • Make the prompt submission of presidential nominees a top priority, and challenge Congress to act within 60 days of the submission of nominees for the new Administration - regardless of who is elected president in 2000.

    Position Proposal & Speeches

  • The Texas Record

    Governor Bush has a strong record of bipartisan leadership, uniting people behind common goals.  In Texas, he has successfully worked with a Democrat legislature to:

  • Pass the first overhaul of the Texas Education code in over a decade.
  • Cut taxes by $3 billion.
  • Significantly reform the civil justice system and the Juvenile Justice Code.

    He will bring this same spirit of cooperation to Washington.

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