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Bill Clinton On The Issues 1996Bill Clinton 1996 On The Issues

Stay close to the briefings that address the goal of providing opportunities to all Americans. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are working to help people make the most of their lives, with stronger families, economic security, increased educational opportunity, safer streets, a cleaner environment and a safer world for our children and future generations.

Clinton/Gore '96 
Bill Clinton & Al Gore on the Issues

Fighting AIDS—Care, Research, Prevention

Making Neighborhoods Safer for America’s Families

Community Empowerment

Promoting Strong and Steady Economic Growth

Strengthening America's Families: Americans With Disabilities

Fighting Drugs

Improving Education

Preserving Our Environment

Protecting America’s Families

Strengthening America’s Families:
African Americans

Strengthening America’s Families:
Asian and Pacific Americans

Strengthening America’s Families:
Hispanic Americans

Strengthening America’s Families:
Jewish Outreach

A Record of Partnership with American Indians and Alaska Natives

Making Government Work Better and Cost Less

Fighting for Quality Health Care

Expanding Affordable Housing


Safeguarding and Strengthening Medicare and Medicaid

Protecting and Expanding Pensions

Protecting Religious Freedom

Protecting Our Seniors

Investing in Science and Technology

Promoting Growth and Opportunity for America's Small Businesses

Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Competing Abroad and Promoting Prosperity at Home

Preparing Rural America for the 21st Century

Honoring Our Veterans

Creating Greater Opportunity for Women

America’s Workers and Their Families

Strengthening the Values of Family and Work

Investing in America's Youth

Source: Bill Clinton for President 1996 Web Site


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