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Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On the Issues

Where Bob Dole Stands on Congressional & Campaign Finance Reform

Many Americans Have Lost Confidence in Our Elected Representatives
Too many Americans have lost faith in our elected leaders. Many see their representatives as people who live by separate laws and are indebted to the big-money special interests that helped elect them.

Bob Dole believes that the American people deserve meaningful political and campaign finance reform. Members of Congress must be held accountable to their constituents and live under the same laws as the American people. And the current system through which we finance political campaigns must be fixed.

That's why one of Dole's final acts as a Senator was to introduce legislation creating an independent campaign-finance reform commission whose recommendations would receive a straight up or down vote in Congress.

Bob Dole Has Fought for Meaningful Congressional Reform
Bob Dole's record shows a solid commitment to true reform. During his career, Bob Dole:

  • Introduced his first campaign finance reform measures in 1974. These measures strengthened reporting and disclosure requirements for federal elections.
  • Voted more than 30 times against congressional pay increases.
  • Voted to prohibit members of Congress from receiving honoraria.
  • Pushed the Congressional Accountability Act through Congress which requires members of Congress to live under the same laws that apply to everyone else.
  • Led the Senate to pass the first comprehensive lobbying reform in over 45 years. The bill tightened registration and disclosure requirements for lobbyists, without infringing upon the ability of Americans to petition their government.
  • Led the successful effort last year to amend the Senate's ethics rules that sharply restrict the ability of Senators to receive gifts.
  • Introduced legislation to ban contributions by political action committees, restrict fundraising outside a candidate's own state, prohibit taxpayer-financed "franked" mass mailings a full year before an election, and ban the practice of "bundling" contributions. Bob Dole has not sent mass mailings for years.
  • Introduced legislation to prohibit members of Congress from using the "franked" mailing privilege to solicit money.

    The Dole Administration Will Continue to Support Congressional Reform.
    As President, Bob Dole will:
  • Support an Amendment to the Constitution to establish a two-term limit for Senators and six-term limit for House members.
  • Limit the power of special interest groups.
  • Push for representatives to be more accountable to their constituents.

    Bill Clinton Favors Special Interests and Opposes Term Limits
    While an overwhelming majority of Americans support term limits, Bill Clinton has stalled. He has fought against term limits and has failed to reduce the influence of special interests in Washington.

    Even members of his own party have noticed. "The president likes special-interest sugar to sprinkle around the country," said Sen. Bill Bradley (D-NJ). "He's doing what it takes to get reelected." (The Washington Post, June 14, 1995)

    A Better America
    With Bob Dole as President, there will be real campaign finance reform. Bob Dole will fight for the American people -- not special interest groups.

Source: Bob Dole 1996 Official Campaign Web Site


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