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Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On the Issues

Where Bob Dole Stands on Crime

Crime is a Growing Epidemic in this Country
One of the greatest threats facing our country is the epidemic of violence that has already destroyed so many of our communities and now threatens every segment of our society. In 1994, the American people were victimized by more than 42 million crimes, including nearly 11 million violent crimes. According to the FBI, a crime is committed every 2 seconds -- and a violent crime every 17 seconds. But only 1 in 100 violent crimes ends in a jail sentence. And once in jail, that criminal will serve only a fraction of his or her sentence. The total cost of this mayhem is more than $400 billion every year. And youth violence is on the rise: many experts predict that juvenile arrests will double by the year 2010.

Since Bill Clinton took office, trends in violent crime haven't improved. There were 500,000 more crime victims in 1994 than there were when Clinton took office. In all there were nearly 10 million violent crime victimizations in our country in 1995 alone.

Bob Dole's Action Plan to Combat Violent Crime
Bob Dole and Jack Kemp understand that crime is a national problem that cannot be solved by the federal government alone. The federal government must work in partnership with state and local governments. Bob Dole's five-point Action Plan will serve as a blueprint for a new era of federal-state-local cooperation in ridding the American social landscape of crime. As President, he will:

  1. Renew our commitment to a drug-free America. Bob Dole will use the Bully Pulpit of the Oval Office to teach America's youth that drug use is dangerous and wrong.
  2. End revolving door justice. Bob Dole will double the current level of actual federal funding for state prison construction to help ensure that violent criminals stay locked up for their full sentences.
  3. Hold violent juveniles accountable for their actions. Juveniles charged with serious violent federal crimes will be prosecuted as adults. Sentencing courts will be able to consider prior juvenile offenses.
  4. Make prisoners work. Bob Dole will issue an Executive Order requiring able-bodied federal prisoners to work no less than 40 hours each week to help pay compensation to the victims of their crimes.
  5. Keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Bob Dole will establish a National Instant Check system to keep criminals and others from purchasing firearms, and will instruct his Attorney General to prosecute and punish vigorously those who use guns in criminal activity.

As President, Bob Dole will also:
Address the social conditions that contribute to a breakdown of moral values by:

  • Continuing his efforts to reform a welfare system that has severely weakened the two-parent family.
  • Providing Opportunity Scholarships for children trapped in violent and dysfunctional schools.
  • Challenging the popular media to stop glamorizing drugs, violence, and irresponsible behavior.

Protect the rights of crime victims by:

  • Appointing judges who will strictly interpret the Constitution, not amend it to expand the rights of criminals.
  • Ensuring that his federal prosecutors make defending the public's safety their number one priority.
  • Supporting a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing the victims of crime certain basic rights, including the right to be heard at sentencing, the right to object to plea agreements, and the right to a speedy trial.

A Better America
With Bob Dole as President, the government will once again protect its citizens from crime. With a Dole-Kemp Administration, women won't be afraid to walk alone at night, children will be safe playing ball in the neighborhood park, and Americans won't have to buy a second lock for the front door.

Source: Bob Dole 1996 Official Campaign Web Site


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