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Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On the Issues

Where Bob Dole Stands on Senior's Issues

Bob Dole Will Protect, Improve and Strengthen Programs for Senior Citizens
Bob Dole is committed to protecting, improving and strengthening programs that America's senior citizens depend on. Bob Dole believes that the United States has a legal and moral responsibility to the generations of Americans who made this country strong. Dole authored and helped lead to passage legislation that clarified the tax treatment of long-term care insurance, making that form of insurance more available and affordable.

That is why he will ensure that the government honors its commitments to Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries -- now and in the future.

Bob Dole Has Fought to Protect Social Security For 30 Years
During his Senate career, Dole has always fought to protect our nation's senior citizens.

  • In 1966, Dole introduced legislation that would automatically increase Social Security benefits whenever the cost of living rose 3 percent or more. Since that time, he has fought to liberalize the Social Security earnings limitation.
  • In 1983, Dole helped craft a plan that saved Social Security from insolvency.
  • In 1993, he lead the effort to defeat President Clinton's $25 billion tax on Social Security benefits.
  • In 1995, Dole cosponsored a bill in the Senate that would raise the earnings limit on Social Security recipients from $11,280 to $30,000 by 2002.

    Bob Dole Is Committed to Saving Medicare From Bankruptcy
    Last spring, a study supported by three members of Bill Clinton's own Cabinet showed that Medicare will be bankrupt in five years. Bob Dole will act now to save Medicare for future generations.

    Bob Dole introduced legislation over 15 years ago to protect the elderly from Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. Bob Dole will continue to find ways to protect and improve Medicare. As President, he will:
  • Champion efforts to save the Medicare system from insolvency so that it will be available to future generations.
  • Support giving Medicare beneficiaries the right to choose the kind of coverage that best fits their own priorities and needs. Bob Dole thinks that they should be given the same kind of choices that federal government employees have had for years.
  • Advocate innovative ideas like Medical Savings Accounts and managed care as well as traditional fee-for-service plans.
  • Recommend the establishment of a blue-ribbon bipartisan advisory commission -- similar to the one he served on in 1983 that saved Social Security -- to solve the Medicare crisis.

    A Better America
    With Bob Dole as President, senior citizens will never have to fear losing their Medicare or Social Security benefits.

Source: Bob Dole 1996 Official Campaign Web Site


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