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Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On The Issues

Bob Dole 1996 On the Issues

Where Bob Dole Stands on Women's Issues

Bob Dole Has Been a Leader in Expanding Opportunities for Women
Bob Dole has fought to expand opportunities for women throughout his Senate career. Sen. Nancy Kassebaum says, "Bob Dole has a remarkable record of putting the American Dream within reach of every woman by ensuring that the doors of government and the private sector are open to us at every level."

He has also been leading the battle to protect women from violent crime. Congresswoman Susan Molinari said, "Bob Dole is recognized across party lines for his active leadership on women's legislative issues in Congress. He introduced the Women's Equal Opportunity Act and the Sexual Assault Prevention Act, and Clinton himself praised Bob Dole for the Violence Against Women Act."

As a Senator, Bob Dole:

  • Helped create the federal Glass Ceiling Commission, which was charged with recommending ways in which corporations can remove the barriers that often keep women from reaching the top levels of management.

  • Helped pass the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, which includes an additional $3 billion to provide day care to mothers who want to work but need help caring for their children.

  • Voted for the Health Care Coverage Availability and Affordability Act, which prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against domestic violence victims and guarantees that victims will not be denied health insurance.

  • Introduced the Sexual Assault Prevention Act, which makes it easier to convict repeat rapists, requires mandatory testing of alleged rapists for HIV, and increases penalties for repeat offenders.

  • Introduced the Women's Equal Opportunity Act, which enhanced the ability of law-enforcement authorities to combat violence against women, and established a federal monetary remedy for sexual harassment.

  • Led the Senate to fully fund the Violence Against Women Act.

  • Amended the immigration bill making crimes by aliens against women and children deportable offenses.

  • Supported the Personal Responsibility Prevention Act, which beefs up child support provisions by providing states more tools to go after deadbeat parents. It also provides new state employer verification requirements permitting state revocation of deadbeat parents' professional licenses.

    Bill Clinton Has Consistently Opposed Measures that Would Help Women
    Bill Clinton talked a lot about helping women during the 1992 campaign. But his record as President speaks for itself:

  • Bill Clinton's administration prosecuted only 18 individuals under the Violence Against Women Act since it was passed in 1994.

  • The Clinton administration has released just $473,000 of the $175 million appropriated by Congress for the Violence Against Women program in fiscal year 1996.

  • Bill Clinton vetoed estate tax relief that would have protected families from being forced to sell their business or farm to pay inheritance taxes to Uncle Sam.

  • Bill Clinton vetoed a tax credit for expenses associated with the adoption of children.

  • Bill Clinton vetoed a reduction of the "marriage penalty" tax.

  • Bill Clinton vetoed a tax credit for expenses associated with long-term care of seriously ill spouses or family members.

  • Bill Clinton vetoed the creation of favorable tax treatment for long-term care insurance, that would have allowed families to secure needed coverage.

  • Bill Clinton vetoed a $500 per child tax credit.

    A Better America
    With Bob Dole as President, women in America will have more opportuniy for high-quality jobs. He will hold the first ever White House Conference making the dream of owning a business a reality for more American women. He will also attack violence against women and prosecute deadbeat dads.

Source: Bob Dole 1996 Official Campaign Web Site


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