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Al Gore 2000 On The Issues

Al Gore 2000 On The Issues



Building on our Prosperity

Most Americans are better off today than they were eight years ago. America owes its current prosperity to the hard work of its people, but also to the winning policy formula of the Clinton-Gore Administration: combining fiscal responsibility with investments in our people. Al Gore wants to keep the prosperity going and expand it to those who have not yet enjoyed its benefits. His economic plan includes balancing the budget and paying down the national debt—to keep interest rates low and economic growth high; saving Social Security and Medicare; cutting taxes to help families and small businesses afford key investments in their future; investing in new technologies; and opening up foreign markets. And Gore will make sure every American can get the quality education and job training they need to succeed in the New Economy.



Working Families

Internet and Technology

Small Business

Agriculture and Rural


Investing in our Future

With prosperity in our hands and discipline as our guide, we must have courage to take bold action, to meet three great challenges: reforming our schools, curing disease and making all of our families healthier than ever before, and protecting the environment that is essential to the fabric of life itself. For each of these three priorities, Al Gore proposes that we create a new national trust—to safeguard the investments we need for our future. And we must take care to close the opportunity gap, and not leave any of our people behind—because America does not have a single person to waste.


Health Care

Welfare Reform




Strengthening Families

Al Gore begins with a simple premise: many of the most important challenges facing the family cannot be solved by government, but must be solved by families and their communities. To create the kinds of community where neighbors look after each other's children—where no child feels lost, disconnected, uncared for, or disrespected—today's overworked, overstretched families need the right tools and enough time to meet these challenges.

Children and Families

Health Care

Social Security and Retirement Security


Fighting for Stronger, Safer Communities:

Urban Communities



Agriculture and Rural

Government for the People:

Campaign Finance Reform

Civil Rights

Government Reform

Maintaining the Peace:

Foreign Policy



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