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Lyndon B. Johnson 1964 TV Ad
Our President :60
Democratic National Committee
Courtesy Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

Announcer: The Constitution does not tell us what kind of man the President must be. It says he must be 35 years old and a natural born citizen. It leaves the rest to the wisdom of the voters. Our Presidents have been reasonable men. They have listened. They have thought clearly, and spoken carefully. They have cared about people, for the pieces of paper on which they sign their names change people's lives. Most of all, in the final loneliness of this room, they have been prudent. They have known that the decisions they make here can change the course of history. Or end history altogether. In crisis and tragedy, we have found men worthy of this office. We have been fortunate. Vote for President Johnson on November 3.

The stakes are too high for you to stay home.

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Lyndon B. Johnson 1964 TV Ad "Our President"

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