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Steve Forbes 1996 Web Site

Steve Forbes 1996 Web Site  
Thank you for contacting my campaign's home page. It is important that people like you who are concerned about the future of our country help spread our message of opportunity and growth to other voters.

This campaign is about ideas - about re-igniting the American dream. As has been the case throughout American history, ordinary people are able to achieve extraordinary results when they are freed of constraints on their initiative.

We can start by scrapping the monstrous tax code. As you've heard me say:

The Declaration of Independence is only 1,300 words long.
The Holy Bible -- the Word of God -- is only 773,000 words long.
But the tax code -- the words of the politicians in Washington -- is a whopping 7 million words long -- and still growing.
Our tax code punishes families. In 1948, a typical family paid only 3% of its income in federal taxes. Today, they pay 24% -- eight times as much! No wonder it takes two breadwinners in a family just to break even.

And the tax code is the source of power of the Washington political class. Taxes are a big, big business for Washington. The politicians trade tax breaks and loopholes for political support to get re-elected.

But if you take away the tax code, you take away the power of the Washington politicians.

So I say scrap their corrupt, loophole-ridden tax code -- with its 8,000 pages of confusing rules and regulations. Scrap it and start over with a simple, honest, low, flat tax.

The results will be enormous. A flat tax will create a boom of economic growth and new jobs, because it will allow Americans to keep more of what they earn and it will bring down barriers to job-creating investments.

With a flat tax, you can file your taxes on a postcard. Personal savings, interest and dividends would not be taxed. There would be no tax on Social Security benefits. No inheritance, capital gains or estate taxes.

A family of four would pay no taxes on their first $36,000 of earned income. After that, everyone has the same low income tax rate of 17%. It's simple. It's honest. And that's big change for Washington.

Another way to take away the power of the Washington politicians is term limits.

The Senate was scheduled to vote on term limits October 12th. But Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole canceled the vote. So, there will be no vote on term limits in the Senate this year.

Senator Dole is wrong. Term limits will help restore honesty to Washington. And that's the kind of change we need. Over 40 years ago, Congress limited the President to 2 terms. Now it's time to limit terms for all the other Washington politicians.

Getting this message to voters is the key to the success of my campaign. And I need your help.

It would mean a great deal to me if you would help by joining the Steve Forbes for President National Steering Committee today. And if you would send a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or even the maximum amount you can give, $1,000.

If you agree with me that the future of America is too important to be left in the hands of the Washington politicians, I hope you will become a major part of my National Steering Committee today.

Thank you so much for your help.

Steve Forbes

P.S. The first primary is only three short months away. I hope you will join our Steve Forbes for President National Steering Committee today.

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