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Phil Gramm 1996 Web Site

Phil Gramm 1996 Web Site  


We have established this presence on the Internet in the interest of providing a wide range of news and information that will interest those who are already involved in our campaign and those who want to learn more about our efforts. Available information now includes:

Issues, Biography/Background, Speeches & Media, Multimedia Archive, FTP & Mailing List, Straw Poll Results, Quote of the Day, How to Get Involved, How to Contribute, and Other Internet Links.

This page will be updated often, so we hope you will visit us frequently and see what new items we have added. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Thank you for visiting the Official Phil Gramm for President Home Page.

A Message from Phil Gramm

Welcome to the Phil Gramm for President home page! I appreciate your interest in my presidential campaign.

Since this long and challenging journey began in February, my campaign has made tremendous strides toward winning the Republican nomination. With the help of active supporters in big cities and small towns across the country, we have taken our powerful message of less government and more freedom directly to the American people. And by drawing a contrast between the go-along, get-along politics of the past, we have successfully narrowed down the nomination race to a two-man contest between Bob Dole and me.

How we have achieved our success is simple: we are running a grassroots campaign based on issues and message. Our strength is reflected by the overwhelming majority of straw polls of Republican party activists we have won across the country. The fact is when voters have a chance to take a close look at Bob Dole and me -- compare our records, our message, and our commitment to change America -- I win convincingly.

Two clear and convincing examples are our stunning victory in the Iowa straw poll held on August 19, 1995 in Ames, Iowa, and our strong second place finish in the Presidency III straw poll in Orlando, Florida on November, 18.

I am confident our message will win -- but only with the help of grassroots activists like you.

If you would like to help me spread our message of less government and more freedom, then I hope you will read about how to get involved and how to contribute.

With your help, I am confident we can win the Republican nomination, defeat Bill Clinton and carry out the dramatic change the American people voted for in the 1994 elections.

Thank you for visiting my home page and for actively participating in my campaign.

Yours respectfully,

Senator Phil Gramm


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