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Lamar Alexander 1996 Web Site

Lamar Alexander 1996 Web Site  

May 23, 1995


High-Tech Alexander Campaign First to Hit the Internet

Alexander to demonstrate his campaign's new Web Site in Washington, Boston Wednesday

WASHINGTON, D.C./CAMBRIDGE, MA - Republican presidential candidate Lamar Alexander today unveiled his campaign's new internet Web Site during press conferences in Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, MA. He also won the support of two cutting edge software executives who have pledged to raise awareness, support and money for Alexander's campaign.

"As America accelerates into a new era of technology and communications, we cannot afford to have a President who uses a rear view mirror as his roadmap into the 21st Century," said Alexander. "I think it's important that he understand how deeply this new age of information technology affects us all. This technology will shape the next century as much as this President will."

Alexander - who founded the Republican Exchange Satellite Network which served over 3,000 sites with interactive neighborhood meetings, has traveled with a Macintosh laptop computer for years and announced his candidacy on America On Line - is widely regarded as the candidate most deftly using cutting edge technology as an integral part of his presidential campaign.

Alexander also picked up the support of Kevin O'Leary and Michael Perik, President and CEO respectively of Softkey International. Softkey is one of the world's leading publishers of consumer software and is located in Cambridge, MA.

"The future is coming upon us rapidly, and Lamar Alexander is the most qualified and capable to usher America into it," O'Leary and Perik wrote in a letter released today.

"I have always seen computers as an important tool for education and communication and I worked hard to get them in Tennessee's classrooms," said Alexander. "Now more and more Americans are making communicating through the computer an increasingly important part of their lives, I have therefore made it an integral part of my campaign."


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