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Howard Dean 2004 Web Site - January 23, 2003

Howard Dean 2004 Web Site - January 23, 2003  
Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in learning more about my vision for a better future for our nation.

As a medical doctor, I support access to quality health care for everyone. During my term as Governor, we provided access to health insurance for virtually all Vermont children - and over 90% of all Vermonters. Because I believe that the development and protection of our children is critical to the future strength of our country, during my term as Governor we took action that reduced child abuse in Vermont by nearly half.

I have serious concerns about the increasingly unilateralist approach to foreign policy we have seen from the current Administration, particularly in the President's posture toward Iraq. Any President must be prepared to use force in defense of our nation's interests. Had I been in Congress, however, I would have voted against the resolution providing the President sweeping authority to wage war against Iraq, because I do not believe the President has made the case that war is justified. I am also concerned about the President's foreign policy priorities. The war on terror - against an enemy that has killed over three thousand innocents on our soil - is far from over, yet we are shifting our focus from the known threat of Al Qaeda to the less certain threat of Saddam Hussein.

Our nation desperately needs a long-term, visionary approach to our current challenges.

But any solutions to our challenges can and must exist without the massive deficit spending that has become the hallmark of the current administration. Fiscal responsibility would be a hallmark of a Dean presidency, as it has been a guiding principle in my tenure as Governor. As Governor, I was able to cut the income tax twice, remove the sales tax on most clothing, reduce the state's long-term debt and still maintain a balanced budget. The Democratic Party must be the party of fiscal responsibility.

I believe I have a proven track record of doing the right thing-fighting the good fight, standing for what's right, even when it means standing alone.

As I travel the country, I am more and more convinced that voters are ready for a change. I hope you will join with me in my campaign for a brighter future for our kids.

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