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John Kerry 2004 On The Issues - Keeping Faith With Our Veterans

John Kerry 2004 On The Issues

Keeping Faith With Our Veterans

The first definition of patriotism is keeping faith with those who've worn the uniform of the United States of America.
But today, countless veterans are fighting just to receive basic benefits. Twenty percent of reservists and their families lack adequate health care coverage, and as many as 23 percent of America's homeless men are veterans. Over the last three years, attempts to increase funding for reservists' health care have been blocked, and veterans have had to fight attempts to slash imminent danger pay rates and family separation allowances for those serving today.

A decorated veteran himself, John Kerry believes that keeping faith with veterans is about honoring America's promise: if you take care of us and our country, we'll take care of you.

John Kerry and John Edwards will honor those who serve and those who fall in service with deeds, not just words. They will fully fund veterans' health care, end the disabled veterans' tax, fully equip and fairly compensate our troops on active duty, and protect their loved ones with a Military Family Bill of Rights.

John Kerry and John Edwards will ensure that our veterans are honored with the respect of a grateful nation.

The Kerry-Edwards plan to keep faith with America's veterans will:

Improve Veterans' Health Care
Today, nearly one-fifth of American veterans lack full health care coverage, and thousands of disabled veterans are being unfairly taxed on their disabilities. As president, John Kerry will provide mandatory funding of veterans' health care and ensure concurrent receipt to end the Disabled Veterans' Tax.

Improve Veterans' Quality Of Life
Today, America's veterans suffer from high rates of homelessness and a Veterans' Administration (VA) that in too many cases remains unresponsive and too complicated. As president, John Kerry will ensure that veterans have the resources they need to find homes and jobs, while streamlining the VA to make it more responsive to veterans' needs.

Keep Faith With Those Who Serve Today
By enacting a Military Family Bill of Rights, John Kerry and John Edwards will ensure that today's men and women in uniform receive adequate pay and full health care coverage (including access to TRICARE), while ensuring that our military is never overstretched and that our troops are always fully equipped for the missions they face.

Source: John Kerry for President 2004 Web Site


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