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Joe Lieberman 2004 Web Site - February 3, 2004

Joe Lieberman 2004 Web Site - February 3, 2004  
February 3, 2004

Dear friends,

Tonight our journey comes to an end. I want to first and foremost thank everyone that has supported me over the past months. Without you we never would have been able to take part in this amazing adventure.

We have waged a campaign of which we can all be proud. We have strived to stay true to ourselves, true to our beliefs, and true to what we believe is best for this great country. I have always believed in working across party lines to get things done, and putting the national interest above special interests or partisan interests.

Our campaign has been about vision, and while the door on our campaign has closed, a window opens tonight for us to continue fighting for what’s right. I pledge to support whoever the Democratic nominee may be to deny George Bush a second term.

Though this campaign is ending tonight, our journey of purpose will go on. I will continue working hard on behalf of the people of Connecticut. I will continue working hard to secure a Democratic victory in November. And I will continue to be a national leader who works to give all Americans the opportunities I have had -- the chance to live the American Dream.

I am honored to have received the support and encouragement that you have shown me in these final months. I thank you for everything you've meant to me, my family, and and this great country.


Joe Lieberman


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