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Clinton Gore 1996 TV Ad
Next Century :60
October 2, 1996
Clinton/Gore '96 General Committee
Bill Clinton: Let me say to you that I am honored to have been
 given the opportunity to stand up for the values and the interests
of ordinary Americans.  My job as President is to take care of the
American people. And I have done my best to take care of this country.
We are safer, we are more secure, we are prosperous, but in the end, what
 we stand for, the values we embrace and the things we fight for will shape
the future that we will all live with. If we hold out our hands in cooperation, 
but always stand up for what we know is right.  This countryís future will be
even brighter than itís brilliant past.  It is our responsibility to make that happen.

Clinton Gore 1996 TV Ad "Next Century"

Clinton Gore 1996

"Next Century"

Alan Keyes 1996

"A Moral Leader"

Steve Forbes 1996 TV Ad "Bio/Vision"

Steve Forbes 1996


Lamar Alexander 1996 TV Ad "Aim-NH"

Lamar Alexander 1996


Phil Gramm 1996 TV Ad "Look Inside"

Phil Gramm 1996

"Look Inside"

Bob Dole 1996 TV Ad "The Better Man"

Bob Dole 1996

"The Better Man"

Pete Wilson 1996 TV Ad "Courage"

Pete Wilson 1996


Dick Lugar 1996 TV Ad "Dignity"

Dick Lugar 1996


Pat Buchanan 1996 TV Ad "Advisor"

Pat Buchanan 1996


Morry Taylor 1996 TV Ads "Aerials"

Morry Taylor


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